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This page contains some self help guidelines so you can be your best you. Please seek the advice of your doctor if you are unsure about anything listed here. Do your own research. Be your own best advocate, no one knows YOUR body better than YOU! Namaste

derived it's name from Epsom, England, where it was first produced from mineral rich water. Epsom salt is composed of magnesium and sulfate. Magnesium regulates over 325 enzymes in the body. Unfortunately, most people are magnesium deficient. According to the Epsom Salt Council, men have about 80 percent of the magnesium needed to help their bodies function properly and women have about 70 percent of the magnesium needed. Sulfate is necessary to form brain tissue, joint proteins and mucin proteins, which line the walls of the digestive tract. Sulfate detoxifies the body of contaminants. Purpose of the Epsom Salt Bath Magnesium is a mineral that you can take as a supplement, but some foods as well as stomach acid can affect the function of the mineral. Sulfate is a mineral that is difficult to absorb from food but is easily and quickly absorbed through the skin. By taking a bath using Epsom Salt, the skin readily absorbs the magnesium and sulfate. As the sulfate is absorbed into the skin, toxins are drawn from the cells. Muscles relax. The magnesium reduces the inflammation in the muscles and relieves pain. The magnesium also helps the body bind serotonin, which is a chemical that promotes a sense of well-being and relaxation. The relaxation you feel, in turn, helps alleviate stress, which drains magnesium from the body and can cause tight muscles. How to Use Epsom Salt Add two cups of Epsom salt to warm water. Bathe three times a week and soak for at least 12 minutes. Do not add any soap; let the bath salts soften and penetrate your skin. Rest for a few hours after taking the bath. For compresses, pour two cups of Epsom salt in a gallon of water. If you are diabetic, or have high blood pressure or any heart symptoms, avoid the bath soak and use the compress instead. If you have any of these conditions, talk with your doctor about taking ES baths.

MAGNESIUM INFORMATION Click this Blue link to read about Signs and Symptoms of Magnesium deficiency.

If you've already had a massage from me, then you know I like to use a moist heated towel wrapped around your neck to help release tension and loosen muscles. YOU can do the same at home. Take a hand towel and wet it and put it into your microwave for 1 minute 20 seconds, higher or lower depending on wattage. Make sure its not TOO HOT before wrapping it around your neck or laying it across your shoulders. This works around knees or anywhere you feel stiff. Rice bags work wonders too, if you sew, make yourself one, just fill it with rice if you like scents add some dried lavender and sew it up and there you go put it into the microwave and heat it up, you'll have to test how many minutes your particular bag takes to heat to your desired level. OK so what if you don't sew? No Sweat just fill an old tube sock with rice and tie off the end VOILA your very own rice bag.


Foam Rollers come in MANY different colors and sizes. They are GREAT for rolling out tight muscle areas on your back (sometimes you will feel a slight adjustment while rolling) Hips, thighs, those tight IT bands on the side of your upper legs. You can roll out your calves. There are many videos on YOU TUBE that you can follow. At first they can be a little painful to use, but stick with it and as the muscles start to release it becomes easier. BE CAUTIOUS they do tend to roll away from you please follow all directions on the accompanied pamphlet when you purchase yours. Make sure there is nothing around when you are using it so you don't bang your head. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!! I have seen Rollers at Target, Affordable Medical, Big 5 Sporting goods, also the runners store downtown has one that is not smooth but more serrated, one of my clients prefers this design. Be careful its very easy to roll off of these, its best to sit on it first and then gently roll back and forth on it with your back. YOU TUBE Is a great place to watch Foam roller demo's on how to use them correctly.


A Thera Cane is a wonderful tool you can use on yourself to reach those areas that are painful and nagging. Such as under your shoulder blade or between them, or in your hip area. Their unique design gives you leverage while reaching around the back and applying pressure as you breathe the pain in that area lessens. Affordable Medical in Colorado Springs Carries them OR you can order them from AMAZON.COM

Yes ordinary sports balls can help you heal and feel better. Have sore feet? Use them under your feet while on the computer or watching TV. Just roll your feel over a Tennis, golf or racquetball to loosen up sore muscles. Helps with Plantar Faciitis. You can use a Tennis Ball to lay on. Simply put the tennis ball under the sore muscle and lay on it and BREATHE let the muscle loosen and stretch around the ball to give yourself relief. You can use it against a wall too. If the ball rolls away from you, put it into a sock or put two together one in each sock and tie the socks together. Tennis balls work great on Hip and Buttock areas too. They can help with Sciatica pain. If you do suffer from sciatica, do you carry a wallet in your back pocket on that side? Because if you sit on a bulky wallet most of the day, you may simply be pinching off the sciatic nerve which will cause sciatica symptoms. move the wallet.

This is a nifty trick- When your feet are really sore or if you have plantar faciitis take a frozen juice can out of your freezer and roll your feet on it. Its that simple. Put a towel under or do it in a foot bath tub to avoid a mess if it accidentally leaks. Keep it in a zip lock in the freezer so you'll know its your foot can. :-) You can fill a water bottle and keep it in the freezer for this use as well.


One of the gentlest and nicest things you can do for your body is STRETCH it out. Be kind UNWIND!! That's my motto. ONE GREAT BOOK on stretching is called - The Genius of Flexibility by Bob Cooley